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So, a year later. “I’m ALIVE!” December 23, 2010

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It has been a few days over a year since my last blog post. I gotta say, I am very disappointed with myself.

I doubt very many of you even come here anymore, let alone expect anything interesting to happen, but I promise I’m going to start making regular blog entries again, if only to prove that I still exist! (Because I totally do).

I’m sure many of you, like myself, are enjoying a well deserved winter break. I’m celebrating by stuffing as many covers as I can into a two week period. It’s proving to be moderately successful. Earlier today, I finished a demo for my cover of the BECCA song, “I’m Alive!” I’m sure a lot of you know it. It’s from the great anime, Kuroshitsuji (or Black Butler).

It’s interesting because I just posted a cover of another ending theme from the very same anime right [here].

I guess they just have plain old awesome songs. >w<

So, in hopes that you’ll forgive me, [here’s] the new cover demo!

If you like it, tell me and I’ll think about posting it on my main channel! Thanks!

– Ashe ❤


[SEMI-Important] Being sick SUCKS! May 12, 2009

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Hi, everyone. 

Well, I’m sick. Pretty sick (in that it has heavily affected my voice). I COMPLETELY lost my voice a few days ago, but my speaking voice is mostly back with my vocal range DRASTICALLY cut. I can’t sing, and I can’t even entertain my friends with various odd high pitched noises. It also hurts to swallow. 

So, it goes without saying that I won’t be singing for a while. Whether I’d been sick or not I was still going to be taking a bit of a hiatus as I can’t seem to pump out a really decent cover as of late. So, this is probably for the best! Thanks for your understanding! 

Don’t think I’m quitting or anything. I just need a break to both recover and regroup. If I try to sing in my current state I might permanently ruin my voice and I’d rather not have that happen. -goes into coughing fits- Yeah, that happens, too. I’m going to log onto Skype because I feel like I haven’t been on in weeks. Or maybe MSN. Whatever, I just need to talk to some people. My real life friends are boring as of late. I’ve been busy with schoolwork and… having a life? Whatever.


:\ I need booze.

Listening to:  Tobira no Mukou e – Romi Paku Version (My favorite)

– Ashe ❤