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So, a year later. “I’m ALIVE!” December 23, 2010

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It has been a few days over a year since my last blog post. I gotta say, I am very disappointed with myself.

I doubt very many of you even come here anymore, let alone expect anything interesting to happen, but I promise I’m going to start making regular blog entries again, if only to prove that I still exist! (Because I totally do).

I’m sure many of you, like myself, are enjoying a well deserved winter break. I’m celebrating by stuffing as many covers as I can into a two week period. It’s proving to be moderately successful. Earlier today, I finished a demo for my cover of the BECCA song, “I’m Alive!” I’m sure a lot of you know it. It’s from the great anime, Kuroshitsuji (or Black Butler).

It’s interesting because I just posted a cover of another ending theme from the very same anime right [here].

I guess they just have plain old awesome songs. >w<

So, in hopes that you’ll forgive me, [here’s] the new cover demo!

If you like it, tell me and I’ll think about posting it on my main channel! Thanks!

– Ashe ❤


Mostly unknown… June 26, 2009

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Hello, woooorld. How’s everyone been doing lately? Well, I’m just fine albeit not being able to sleep at a little after 5:30 am. I just spent the last ten or so minutes looking through HIMEKA’s new official blog and I’m so incredibly proud of her. I don’t know her personally, but I’ve been following her from far behind for a while, so I’m a big fan. (Hm. Did that seem stalker-ish to say?) 

She had dreams and she did all she could to make them a reality. Still, with a voice like that I can’t imagine it was nearly as difficult as it could’ve been. To be a foreigner making her way into the Japanese music industry is a great feat and I commend her for it. I wish her so much luck in the future and I can’t wait for a full album (you know it’s coming). 

:\ But looking through her blog made me think. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t thank the people who listen to me enough for… well… listening to me and I’m not complaining because I know a lot of people don’t get this far, but I’m mostly unknown to the world. Outside of a few hundred listeners on youtube, no one knows who I am. Again, I’m not complaining. It’s just something to think about. 

I guess I’m getting into another rut.

By the way, R.I.P. Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. That was such sad news. I’ve always admired Michael’s music and… Farrah’s hair. It’s a total loss to the world. I’m thinking of doing a commemorative song to MJ as a collaboration with Cookieluv123456789. 

There was also some drama earlier about a couple of my friend’s fan vocaloids being removed from a Vocaloid Wiki site run by some harpy. Granted, mine was removed, too, I’m not as angry as they were. 

That’s about it for now. I have some songs I need to post. And I actually think I have enough to span out for the rest of the summer. Leave me comments about whatever and in the words of Lillylivers, I’ll catch you on the other side. 

– Ashe ❤