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Parents = Feather Rufflers April 17, 2009

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 :\ Hey, guys. Sorry I’ve not gotten back to my sudden in-pour of youtube commenting and PM’s. Sorreh! Just some random (and unprovoked) troubles flew in my window and my parents -being the GREAT people they are- decided to… well… not be parents. Eh. Whatever. Old people are old people. The rest home calls. SO, did anyone else get this letter from this site, Weka-something? About a Japanese contest? Music? Something? It looks like epic spam, but all the other recipients that I saw were like… REALLY up there in the talent. So I’m like… o.O.

It’s probably going by descending subscriber count… seeing as I can find a thousand more people on the Japanese server with much more talent (Not a put down. A fact.)

Well, computer’s douching up and it’s bedtime. Night, babehs. See you this weekend, most of you.


– Ashe ❤


ハンニフラシュ ! (Honey Flash!) April 11, 2009

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Okay! Hi again, guys! Not much has changed since my last post (wut.)

I am working on a new cover, though. 666 subscribers and all. Heh. I’m a strange person. Anyway, lovelies… I’m obsessed with a new song! I’m sure at least some of you have heard of the series “Cutey Honey.”  It’s not suitable for younger audiences, though. I swear, every five seconds it’s tits and ass, not to mention the onslaught of “Fuck you, Cutie Honey!” or “You bitch! Don’t get cocky!” and then, of course… more tits and ass. The original series came out in the seventies, but there is a more recent (and less racy than New Cutie Honey) remake by Gainax, the studio who gave us “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” and “This Ugly Yet Beautiful World” called “Re: Cutie Honey.” 

Well, besides all that… every remake of “Cutie Honey” features an opening theme by the same name. I promise you… EVERY remake of the song is gold. My favorite, however is the newest by Koda Kumi. She is great. I loved her “1000 no Kotoba.”  It’s got a dancier beat and a newer style that makes you want to get up and… shake something?

Check it out for yourself! Download here!

– Ashe ❤

明日へのキズナ (Asu he no Kizuna) [~Ashestoashesjc~] feat. Desho April 10, 2009

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=D Hi, everyone! Well, remember when I mentioned that debut song from HIMEKA (because it was only like…. ONE post ago)?

Well… because I’m totally neurotic and obsessive… I covered it. A total crack cover because I could never display the same sort of emotion. XD;

I love this song and I love you guys so I thought I’d post it here. I’m probably not going to post it on youtube because I’m deathly afraid of suspension.

I got a friend of mine, ohmydesho (ohmygaa) to do harmonies, hence the “feat. Desho” so big thanks to him. Plus, an even BIGGER thanks to djbouche for giving me permission to use his great MIDI instrumental as backup instrumentation. And the biggest thanks to HIMEKA for making such a GREAT and catchy song!

(I wouldn’t click if I wanted to live) Here is the link to my cover of HIMEKA’s “Asu he no Kizuna” – click here

Guys, please give me your feedback! I really want to improve!

– Ashe ❤

Getting the hang of it ^^ April 7, 2009

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I’ve had this account for a whole day and so far all I’ve done is pick a layout and make a header (which I think is kind of cute if I may say so).

It’s pretty empty as of now, but then again, I haven’t really broadcasted it over my youtube so no one really knows that this exists yet. I’m on Spring Break currently, my allergies have kinda subsided, I just finished a new cover, and so far things are going PRETTY well. 

As I’m sure a lot of you know, HIMEKA’s debut single was released recently (a sample, at least) and let me tell you… it is AMAZING. It’s entitled “”明日へのキズナ (Asu he no Kizuna)” and I’m totally thinking of doing a big group cover of it if I can find anyone that’s interested :/ 

A link to the sample can be found here as well as a link to Fictionjunction’s blog page.

;D Thanks.

– Ashe ❤

こんにちは、皆さん! (Hello, everyone!) April 7, 2009

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Hi there, people. Well, I finally got around to making a blog, yeah? I figure this way I can gather everything to one place and maybe if you actually feel interested in getting to know me… well… here’s a way to do it, right? 

Okay, so, to be honest… I have no idea what I’m doing, but what I plan on doing is posting new songs here (probably before a post them onto youtube), along with having an area where you guys can post  requests for songs you’d like for me to do because it’s so much easier than having you put them in comments and me never remembering where they are

I also want to thank you guys SO much for 650 subscribers! Wow! That really means a lot to me that you guys like my voice at ALL much less want to hear MORE of it! So, anyway, thanks for reading and paying attention to me for a while year. So… let’s see what this new era of Ashe brings, shall we? (Let’s not.)

– Ashe ❤