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~ Downloads ~

For all those silly covers I do that you guys ACTUALLY want to listen to I thought a download page would be cool. Then I could gather up all the download links into one big page and avoid all the cluttered mess that goes on in my 4shared account.

=3 Thank you, guys. 

– Ashe ❤


(Sadly, all of the files I had up for download have been deleted from my 4shared account due to my inactivity. Not only that, but the folder that I used for all of my covers has likewise been deleted. So, with no way to recover them, I’ll only have the download links to newer songs posted here. Bah.)




Sora-iro Days


Alice Human Sacrifice

Hare Hare Yukai

Paradise Lost

Ningyo Hime


Sakura Kiss

Life is Like a Boat

Chiisana Inori [Solo] [Duet]

Sakasama no Chou



Come [HAKA Preview]

Sousei no Aquarion
dear you -suffocate-
Aozora no Namida
Kasanaru Kage [English]
Every Heart [English]
Fukai Mori [English]


1. randomimbecile - April 10, 2009


Pleeaassse put up that bravin bad brew ❤
It was pretty…

randomimbecile - April 10, 2009

ooops, wrong section.


ashestoashesjc - April 11, 2009

=o No, this is the right section! Okay, I’ll put it up! XD Thanks for asking!

– Ashe ❤

2. yuna10142 - April 18, 2009

Such pretty music!me likey!i bookmark this page just in case of updates!lol

3. Cami Loveless - July 8, 2009

『Kiss ~帰り道のLove Song~』Please? Please? Please? This is my #1 favorite song and you did a beautiful job at redubbing it? (redubbing? does that make n-e sense?) <3<3<3<3

4. AnGiEE - September 21, 2009

『Kiss ~帰り道のLove Song~』? i cant find it…the fandub is so amazing<333 i want to listen to it on my ipod on repeat and never get sick of it…..your voice is so SMEXXI<33

5. Shichi - December 10, 2009

I can’t seem to find “Magnet”.
C-could you put it up, please?

6. KT-chan - December 12, 2009

Yeah put up “Magnet” :p ….and “Tomare!” pwetty pwease lol

7. Anime-chiiii~ - September 17, 2011

Can you give another mp3 download thingy for Matryoshka?? D: I cant see it on box! And I loooove this fandub! Pleaaase?!

8. Sene~ - December 6, 2011

Haha, nice. Your voice is so sweet and amazing! It’s like… amazing! :3

9. jen - January 7, 2012

where can i download always remember me full? :

10. Sekai - March 7, 2015

Ne ~ Can you put up magnet pwease ??

Arigatoo ~ \=^w^=/

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