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A Stranger Speaks December 11, 2009

Posted by ashestoashesjc in Updates.

Hi, guys! A lot has happened since the last time I wrote a post (Sorry about that, btw). I’m actually also sorry about not having posted my last few fandubs. (The last ten or so, actually)

If you read my descriptions on videos, you might know that I’m really busy with school. And I’m also in a bit of a musical rut. Haha. Not much to do about that, I guess. But, hey! Winter break is on the way, so, I’ll have a lot of free time. Some of it, I’ll probably put into my music, I think. Yay!

Currently obsessed with: “Manazashi” – anNina / “Mugen” – Nana Mizuki

I must say, when I first found out I hadn’t made the finals of Gendou Idol, I was a little sad, but hey! I did make the Semifinals! And that’s a really big honor! So, I’ll try again next year and maybe get a little further and be an even better singer. Here’s to hoping! ^ ^

Without further ado, I muuuust thank everyone for helping me FINALLY reach 1K subscribers! I can hardly believe it! It’s like a dream and I can only go up from here. I hope I’m around for a lot longer, making new music, and entertaining people. That’s really one of my favorite things. Hopefully, everyone keeps telling me how I can improve and how I can keep them interested.

I’ll be posting a new blog post and updating my downloads within the next few days! Bye, my little monsters.

–  Ashe ❤


1. Uzukya - April 5, 2010

*random fangirl in the scene*
yeah yeah im a big stalker so what v.v
Glad ur back Ashe +.+ im kinda late but whatever. ur “new” fandubs are awesome . Hatenaki Michi was ❤
Anyways, keep it up Ashe ~~

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