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=o Marhfeufbcw. April 29, 2009

Posted by ashestoashesjc in Hacker's Updates.
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Hi. I’m hacking Ashestoashesjc’s wordpress account. 


-cough- He says to tell you guys that he’s happy that it’s the middle of the weeks and that he has a few songs in progress that he’ll be finishing and posting within the next few weeks. Murrhurr. 

Um, apparently people don’t watch his videos that don’t involve singing so they STILL personal message him about requests. He would LOVE for the people who do happen to read his blogs to tell people that if they have requests to come to his blog and request them because he won’t remember to post them here otherwise he’ll be all, “=D Oh! Yay! Request! I better put that in meh– ._. Boobies? WHERE?!” 

(Totally. I know him.)

Sooooo… yah. He also says hi. That’s a little late, though. There are really bitchy boys at his school and they makes him wanna claw out some eyes. Honestly, I think he just wants them in bed. 

He’s going to hurt me.

Boobies. Oh. Guys. BTW… I might be singing a song soon. So. Yeah. Be afraid.

– Hacker </3


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