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Getting the hang of it ^^ April 7, 2009

Posted by ashestoashesjc in Updates.

I’ve had this account for a whole day and so far all I’ve done is pick a layout and make a header (which I think is kind of cute if I may say so).

It’s pretty empty as of now, but then again, I haven’t really broadcasted it over my youtube so no one really knows that this exists yet. I’m on Spring Break currently, my allergies have kinda subsided, I just finished a new cover, and so far things are going PRETTY well. 

As I’m sure a lot of you know, HIMEKA’s debut single was released recently (a sample, at least) and let me tell you… it is AMAZING. It’s entitled “”明日へのキズナ (Asu he no Kizuna)” and I’m totally thinking of doing a big group cover of it if I can find anyone that’s interested :/ 

A link to the sample can be found here as well as a link to Fictionjunction’s blog page.

;D Thanks.

– Ashe ❤


1. Phillip Kendrick - April 7, 2009

Pink, pink, OH-SO-pink.~ *SHOT TO ETERNITY*

It’s neat. A little bit too…pink…for my likes, but it’s nice. =)

Allergies are hell. Have those nearly all year (minus the Summer), so I know what you’re on about. As for spring break, mine is already approaching its tragic finale.

Asu he no Kizuna is just drop-dead amazing. Period.

2. Serene - April 7, 2009

Whoots! XD

Ah~~ Get well soon too. XD

So you can charm the ladies with your voices (you’re already doing that, so…)! XD


3. Karissa - April 8, 2009

Hello, I think its really neat that you actually want to take the time letting us get to know you more. Anyway, I think the header is really cute!
= w =

I bet allergies do suck, The thing is I have never had them so yeah.. 😦

I’ve know I’ve asked you 4 times about doing a duet with you. xD But maybe I could be one of your singers in the group dub of : Asu he no Kizuna, Its sounds really pretty. 😀 thanks for showing it to us. ^^

Well have an awesome spring break!


4. Alias - April 9, 2009

How tastefully feminine – it takes a bold man to be pink.

I’m glad about your allergies, and good luck finding those singers. I’m sure heaps of talent will be throwing themselves at you shortly.


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